Short Statement:

I understand the art-work as a biological organism, as an entity capable of response to stimuli, reproduction, growth and development, a system that is able of expansion and contraction, and that can cross borders (for example with biology, sociology, psychology etc) and share processes of production of knowledge that not necessarily are documentary or interpretative.

I understand photography as the meta-language of death: they both seem to reveal but in fact they conceal; they both cannot be reverted; the subject was once what now is not. But they are all what remains to me, and so I start scraping, removing millimetrical layers of surface off photographs in an effort to understand death and deal with memory, and make it again alive in the endless circle of life and death.


Italian born Clara Turchi Rose works predominantly with the media of photography and installation. In 2014 she completed a Master in Artistic Research at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU) with a project-based research on the relationships between women and the archive. She previously attained her BA at the London College of Communication with First Class Honours. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally, with numerous collective shows and solo exhibitions both in Europe and the Americas. Clara is working between Italy, Holland and the UK and continues her research regarding the medium of photography.



MA Fine Art  

University of the Arts of Utrecht (HKU) | Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2014


MFA Photo, Video and Related Media

SVA - School of Visual Arts | New York, USA | 2013 (one semester)


BA (Hons) Photography

LCC - London College of Communication, University of the Arts | London, UK | 2012 

First Class Honours


Financial Markets and Institutions - Degree

Universita' Commerciale L. Bocconi | Milan, Italy | 2003

ITAM, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México | México City | 2002 

First Grade





 E20 PILLE 73 | Pille Home Gallery | Pille di Monzambano, Italy | curated by Simone Spiritelli and Elena Alfonsi | Vercelli, Italy | curated by Laura Manione



For The Guardians and The Photo Synthesis

Photofestival Fotourbe 9.15, category Special Guest | Pereira, Colombia


Persistency of Death (Desire of Memory)

Ca'Publique - Interventi Artistici in Case Private | Bologna, Italy | curated by Francesca Apolito and Flavia Zaganelli



Promises and Desires

The Wild Project | New York, USA


Promises and Desires

Between the Seas Festival | New York, USA | curated by Flavia Zaganelli



Garibaldi-Meucci Museum | New York, USA



Clara Turchi Works

Galerie St. George | New York, USA



Clara Turchi Works

Bayeux | London, UK | curated by Julie Chamberlain



Mantua the Dreamer

Exhibition Space at Libreria Mondadori | Mantua, Italy


Mantua the Dreamer

Il Cubo Studio | Mantua, Italy | Festivaletteratura 2009





Cortona Art Adoption | Cortona, Italy | curated by Tiziana Tommei

Viridi - Declinazioni Fotografiche del Verde | Floriseum Museum | San Remo, Italy | curated by Laura Manione

Memories/No Memories

SI Fest Off | Savignano Immagini Festival | Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy 

Foto Gang | Prato, Italy

Scatti in forma di Scrittura (Photographs in the shape of Writing) | MAM, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of the High Mantua Area | Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (MN), Italy | curated by Gianfranco Ferlisi


1 Stile Home Gallery | Mantova | Curated by Mara Pasetti



IX Biennale D'Arte Giovani

MAM - Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea dell'Alto Mantovano | Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, Mantova, Italy | Curated by Gianfranco Ferlisi

Memories/No Memories

Rosignano Photo Festival | Castiglioncello (Livorno), Italy

Le Murate | Florence, Italy

LaBottega | Pietrasanta (Lucca), Italy

curated by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri for Deaphoto

Infiorescenze Artistiche

Terlizzi (Bari), Italy | curated by Terry Mangiatordi


Arci Festa 

Mantua, Italy | curated by Silvia Talarico


GAM – Giovani Artisti Mantovani

Gallerie Falcinella Fina Art | Mantova, Italy | curated by Lorenzo Falcinella


GAM – Giovani Artisti Mantovani

Casa del Mantegna | Mantova, Italy | curated by Vincenzo Denti and Gianfranco Ferlisi


Basile’ Galeano Lupattelli Rotiroti Rotundo Talarico Turchi-Rose Wei

FutureLab | Bologna, Italy



Salon '15

Photofusion | London, UK | curated by Kim Shaw



Salon '14

Photofusion | London, UK | curated by Kim Shaw


Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days....

Academiegalerie | Utrecht, The Netherlands | curated by Christina Li


Activate Studios, a research exhibition

HKU | Utrecht, The Netherlands


13x18 Fotografi(a)Mantova

Casa del Mantegna | Mantua, Italy | curated by Massimiliano Boschini


Deconstructing Memory, an online exploratory exhibition

curated by Jean Bettingen



Temporary Show III

Scrigno dell'Arte | Monchiero Alto (CN), Italy | curated by Patrizia Bottallo for Martin Arte Internazionale



See Exhibition Space | New York, USA


Summer Solstice Salon

Greenpoint Gallery | New York, USA | curated by James Shawn



Panoramas and People

Chalet Allemand, Parco Culturale Le Serre | Grugliasco (Turin), Italy | curated by Patrizia Bottallo for Martin Arte Internazionale



Galleria Uno + Uno | Milan, Italy | curated by Alana Lake


P A P E R C U T S & Plaster

Dogliani, Italy | curated by Alana Lake




Photofusion | London, UK


-Grafie. Architettura per Immagini

Fiera Millenaria Gonzaga | Mantua, Italy | curated by Giulia Flavia Baczynski e Giuseppe Gradella


Exhibition of Works by Italian Contemporary Artists

Italian Embassy | London, UK | curated by Carola Syz


What Now?

Siobhan Davies Studios | London, UK | curated by Gill Clarke



Summer Exhibition 2010

Royal Academy of The Arts | London, UK



The Rose Art Project

Village Underground | London, UK




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Athens Photo Festival 2016 / Shortlisted


Memories-No Memories 2016 / Selected


Photofusion Salon 2015 / Finalist


Photofusion Salon 2014 / Finalist


Photography Master Cup - 6th Annual 2012 / Nominated (Nature, People)


Photofusion AMPS 11 / Finalist


ECCA - Making Money From Your Creativity 2011 / winner (commission)


The 6th Annual Black and White Spider Award 2011 / Honourable Mention (Abstract)


Signature Art Award 2011 / Semi-Finalist


Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010 / Selected


Photography Master Cup - 4th Annual 2010 / Nominated (Abstract)


The Renaissance Arts Prize 2009 / Finalist




From August 2003 to February 2009 I worked in Finance mainly as Relationship Manager for, among others,  BBVA, JP Morgan Fleming Asset Management, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. From August 2003 to December 2003 I worked as an intern at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre - Berkeley, California, USA.E20 PILLE 73