The English Channel from Brighton
The English Channel from Sheerness
The English Channel from Portsmouth
The English Channel from Bournemouth, 2
The English Channel from Whitstable, 3
The Ionian Sea from Titi Beach, Torre Suda, Italy, 3
The Ionian Sea from Titi Beach, Torre Suda, Italy, 2
Storm on the Adriatic Sea
Installation View
The Starry Sky_Detail
The Starry Sky_Detail
The Starry Sky_Detail

One of these days the remaining of the Real will be buried under a beautiful cyber-sky illuminated by myriads of screens. And with it the possibility of memory, and the poetic of the ephemeral. 

The work is an ongoing project and it is as much photographic as it is performative. The photographs are images of the sea shot during the night, in different weather and light conditions, in Italy and the UK.

At the beginning I was using a Mamiya RB 67pro with exposures of over half an hour, but soon I started using a 5x4” large format camera: the weight to be carried, the size of the camera on the heavy tripod, the extreme exposures of over two hours - sometimes spent being completely still near the camera protecting it from the wind, the rain, the splashes of salted sea water, or the occasional strained dog wandering around;

the fact that more often than not my eyes could not distinguish between the blackness of the sky and that of the sea, let alone being able to see all the colours that the negative can register; the crazy positions of the tripod balancing the camera over the uneven rocks of some coastal location, or the struggle to keep the camera afloat on top of the sandy beach;

the organisation involved, the length of the process and the physicality of it, all felt distant to my more and more virtualised life, even though, at the same time, being the images so ethereal showed me how ephemeral is, in truth, the real.

The work has been presented both in traditional ways (pictures on the wall, 100x80cm prints from large format negatives), as well as an installation constituted of photographs to be found in day-light locations and a 10x2 metres photogram of a starry sky to be found on the ceiling in a room illuminated by a maze of computer screens facing upwards.

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