Installation View
Found Book-Pages
Installation View
Installation View
Installation - Batik Box
Scraped surface on vintage album
Installation - found albums
Installation - Found Album
Found playing cards
Found document - business card
Found document - slide
Found - Butterfly
Found document - Church Book Pages
Found document - church poster
Found document - Photo
Found document
Found document - Photo
Found document - frame book
Found document - Music pages
Found document
Found document
Found document
Found document - ladybird
Found document - Love Letter
Found document - game religious
Found document - Photo
Found document - Photo
Found document
Found document - Sex vouchers
Found document - Photo
Found document - photograph
Found document

*quote from the introduction of "Chips: The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon", book page found in Amsterdam during the spring of 2014 (second image in the carousel)


I Feel that Someday They May See The Light of Day and Perhaps Shock or Divert Posterity a Little is a research installation which focuses on the personal relation between the archive and the archivist and to what extent the archive is in fact an expression of the identity of the archivist, be it a person, an institution or a group of people. 

The open ended installation studies the archive as a physical space and comprises various degrees of found material, the majority of which has been found on the streets during my life, whilst part of it has been bought second hand. Despite the fact that the components have been obtained – mostly by chance - from other people with other stories, it is immediately clear how the space becomes extremely personal, the expression of one entity - the archivist - who assigned value to that material

Installation of variable dimensions and site-specific characteristics. In particular, in this installation: 

On the wall: found, scanned and reprinted documents and Res Derelicta. On the desk: Albums, batik box, desires, other found documents and objects. Found bicycle. On a second desk: 28 playing cards found on the streets of Utrecht (mostly thorn and reassembled). Please scroll down for more works with the cards.

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" [...] The archive is open to the future as much as a black whole in the Universe is: the archivist spends an immense amount of time throwing stuff into it and watching them disappear from the present whilst his life is disappearing too; every time he takes a photograph or produces a document for the archive, he kills life in the hope that somewhere called future, someone, somehow, will make sense of all that, and ultimately of him. [...]"

From "Archival Act: An Attempt To Understand The Psychology Of The Archivist", paper 2014 


Specification: Digital print, 13x19". Found objects submerged in the water of the canal of Utrecht (where most of these objects are regularly discarded)

Res Derelicta

Res Derelicta - Installation

‘Res Derelicta’ is the legal definition for abandoned property; differently from rubbish, which is always property of someone, the res derelicta - literally, ‘derelict thing’ - is deprived of an owner and so forth can be re-possessed by another person.


Res Derelicta is an installation of prints of rather large found objects which are often difficult to keep and store due to space, time and money limitations. In the urgency of making them anyhow part of my archive and in the anxiety of loosing them because of the said limitations, I often improvise a daylight-darkroom with available tools, and I replicate the process of making photograms by spraying inkjet inks onto the objects now laid on inkjet paper.


The work resonates with Derridaʼs predicate that ʻthe death drive tends thus to destroy the hypomnesic archive, except if it can be disguised, made up, painted, printed, represented as the idol of its truth in paintingʼ 


Specification: ink on paper. Variable dimensions