Interview - Il Mondo e’ nell’Obiettivo

Intreview by Chiara Savignano

GAM Official Video

Official Video of the exhibition GAM at Casa del Mantegna. From 1.25 to 1.38 it is all about Persistency of Death (Desire of Memory)

GAM Legacy - Article by Renzo Margonari

Article on the exhibition GAM - Giovani Artisti Mantovani - at Casa del Mantegna, Mantova

5 Pounds Sterling (The Governor and his Company) from the series Promises selected to participate into Photofusion Salon '15

from 09 December 2015 to 29 January 2016

Clara Turchi special guest at Fotourbe 9.15, photo festival in Pereira, Colombia

For the Guardians and Photo Sytheses of Time #1 on show at Fotourbe 9-15, Pereira, Colombia, from 17 to 24 September 2015


Link to For the Guardians at Fotourbe: click here


Link to Photo Sytheses of Time #1: click here

Ca'Publique in the press

Persistency of Death (Desire of Memory) at Ca'Publique - Interventi Artistici in Case Private, Bologna, Italy, 18 - 20 June 2015


Link to Artribune: click here


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Persistency of Death (Desire of Memory) featured on Float Photo Magazine, White Noise issue, along with an interview with Clara Turchi

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Persistency of Death (Desire of Memory) on fLIP Magazine

Issue Summer 2014

Clara's Promises


“The series ‘Promises’”, she explains, “represents the expression of the contemporary need to understand the world of finance, which for many of us is so obscure and hard to interpret”. That’s why in her works the details of the banknotes are enormously enlarged [...} on one hand, the banknote is the promise to pay the bearer a sum of equal value; on the other hand the photograph is the promise that what was photographed had really existed. Today, with the establishment of the digital techniques, we all know that not all the photographs have a correspondence in the real world, and the same happens with money: nevertheless, we still accept money and pictures for their nominal value, believing in the promises they carry with them”.

13x18 Fotografi(A)Mantova - Group Exhibition at Casa Del Mantegna

08 Feb - 16 Mar 2014, (then extended to 30 March due to the high volume of visits)

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